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narcs - the anti semitic band

NARCS partilhou a foto de bloc.
We live in a time where we can have a Holocaust Memorial Day and at the same time sit about twiddling thumbs while other holocausts are underway.
Stat of the day: In 2015, European immigration policy resulted in 3,771 refugees dying whilst attempting to cross the Mediterranean & 25 deaths at the Calais/UK border
The EU spends nearly 3 times more on the construction of barriers, highly developed surveillance systems, and border controls than it does on refugees themselves
NARCS Genocide-tastic
Roger Correia "palestine" never existed, is an invention of arafat. Learn the facts, don´t be another fool.

Palestine "existed" at the very least 7 years before Arafat was born.

Now fuck off with your Zionist bullshit you holocaust-supporting cunt.
The British Mandate for Palestine, shortly Mandate for Palestine, or the Palestine Mandate was a League of Nations mandate for the territory that had formerly constituted the Ottoman Empire sanjaks of Nablus, Acre, the Southern part of the Vilayet of Syria,[1] the Southern portion of the Beirut Vila…
Roger Correia
Further proof of the lie (as if we needed any more) of the vicious historical revisionism by the Muslim world to erase the Jewish State and create a mythical Islamic narrative surrounding five thousand years of Jewish history.The fact is that Palestine is Israel – the Jewish homeland.
NARCS No, you've misunderstood, we're not here to debate with some Zionist nut. Go wank your islamophobic self off elsewhere. Stop illegally settling on our status like your pals in the West Bank.
Roger Correia islamophobic? Ok, retarded nazis, burn in hell.
NARCS There is no hell you sad cunt, unless there's an afterlife populated solely by grown men who pose for photos with cigarettes to look edgy and form a worldview based on youtube videos.
Roger Correia LOL, i know there is no hell, it was just an expression, by the way, you are one of the saddest cunts i ever saw, you are just another shit dummy, congratulations.
NARCS Grown man. Cigarette.
Roger Correia Less narcs on your brain, and maybe one day you´ll understand the truth
NARCS Less cigarettes in your profile pictures and maybe one day you won't look like a gigantic bell end.
Roger Correia It´s funny that you talk about my look, when all of you look like retarded patetic cartoons.
NARCS It's funny that you pose with a cigarette because power bros like you usually vape.
Roger Correia Clowns like you get raped and murderer by muslims, because you´re gay, european and to stupid to understand the basic things.
NARCS Muslims rape gay European clowns?

Your claims are pretty wild even for a bonehead racist cunt.
Roger Correia you´re to ignorant, even for a mother fucker like you, to understand that islam, and muslims are NOT a race, they exist on every skin color, shape, size, and race. There are muslims of all races in the world.
NARCS Whereas racists mostly look like you, amazing!
Roger Correia Yeah, when the facts come above, you talk about the hair that i don´t have, it´s only hair.
NARCS Woah dude it's fine to be bald. Don't hate on yourself, Jesus loves all of his sheep.
Roger Correia I´m pretty fine with being bald, especially on the summertime, but you with that face... well, you have a reazon to hate your self.
NARCS Oh Roger, who hurt you? Was it a gay European clown?
Roger Correia No one, besides most of the gay clowns are in narc concerts.
NARCS Ah I see. Well, we can't all be as cool as you dude. We don't have cigarettes and we aren't leaning back to seem aloof and cool. Have a fucking awful weekend x
Roger Correia Always the cigarettes! Go fuck your self retarded ignorant miserable cunt. By the way, i almost forgot, hope you die this weekend.
Eddy Lawson NARCS The real victims are the Jews, on their tiny State that is 0,5% of the Middle East, and 0,02% of the Muslim World -
Scroll for English דארלי ג'ונס אישה טובת לב מאוסטרליה שהזדהתה הזדהות מלאה עם המאבק הפלשתיני, כי הם מוצגים בתקשורת בכל העולם, כקורבנות של ישראל, החליטה יום אח...
Eddy Lawson Muslims received 889% of Israel in order to dreate Jordan. But thay are not happy. They want ALL israel, and ALL the World. See who are the happy child killers -
Eddy Lawson I would like to see you under terrorist attack every day. Hamas and other terrorist groups attack civilians and in special kids in schools every day.People like you hate Israel because you believe propaganda and are antisemitic and blind lefties
Eddy Lawson Have the GUTS to not erase this posts, and start studying what islam is, because the only reason for attacjs on Israel is Islam
The Left Hate Israel Because It Is Everything They Despise: Capitalist, Conservative and Patriotic
Eddy Lawson Pllease search sites as The Religion of Peace, The Muslim Issue, Jihad Watch, Quoting Islam Winds of Jihad, etc..
Title - Islam. What The West Needs To Know This video should be titled ''What The World Needs To Know About True Islam'' Most so-called peace loving Muslims ...
Roger Correia
Escreve uma resposta...
Eddy Lawson The Leeds band, called narcs is anti-Semitic, and are the kind of people that are retarded and extremely ignorant. In fact they are blind and they are ruining England and Europe.
Eddy Lawson People belive in propaganda, but are lazy as hell when it comesw to acknowledge reality -
Eddy Lawson Romaldo with a "palestine" flag is photoshop, but it doesn't mean nothing. History, Internacional law and FACTS does -
Narrator: Ian McKellen The Palestinian identity goes back, not to antiquity, but precisely to 1920. No "Palestinian Arab people" existed at the start of 1920...

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